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Our Online Store Is Launching Soon

Our pre-packed hospital bag sets are perfect for the mom-to-be who wants to make the job of packing her hospital bag as easy as possible! This package consists of a set of matching bags PLUS a set of hospital bag contents, leaving you with only your and baby's clothing items to pack! There are 10 bag designs to choose from and there is a choice of 5 hospital packs.

The tote bag is the perfect shape and size for your labour bag, the large holdall as your main hospital bag and the medium holdall (if you've gone for that option) as an "overflow" bag (or used to hold baby's items while the large holdall holds your own).  And while these bags are the perfect hospital bags, they really come into a life of their own long after the hospital stay is over and are perfect for packing for childminder, family trips, romantic weekends away, work, gym or general mom-life!

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