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Choose your pricing plan

  • One on One

    Let us know each other!
    Valid for 7 days
    • Free 20 mins Discovery Session
  • Women Powerup Secret

    Valid for 6 months
    • Listen deeply trying to find the piece of the puzzle you can
    • Give you tools to remove the foggy parts For example: A comp
    • Support and empower you to overcome the challenges
    • Champion you to embrace your strengths and opportunities
    • Challenge you to see things from another perspective
    • Help you build a realistic plan
  • Life Coaching for Mothers

    Every month
    Direct one on one Coaching
    Valid for 3 months+ 7 day free trial
    • 8 sessions in a month
    • Healing the internal world
    • Goal setting for the whole lifetime
    • Be the Queen - Own your Power back
    • Relationship Powerup
    • Emotional Healing
    • Guidance and Support for being a Queen
    • Heal panic attacks
    • Heal Anxiety
    • Heal fear/phobias
  • Ancient Healing Technique

    Every month
    Group Coaching for healing all the unwanted emotions
    Valid for 6 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Healing the negative emotions
    • Release the pain
    • Clear your energy
    • Upgrade your frequence
  • VIP Membership for Energy Healing

    Every month
    One on One Healing
    Valid for 3 months+ 7 day free trial
    • One on one session for attention
    • 2 secret healing techniques
    • Daily session except Weekend
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